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Kundalini Nutrition

"THE FOOD WE PUT INTO OUR BODY IS SO IMPORTANT - it's our temple. We have to be mindful of what we eat, and of how we eat. If you can digest food easily, you can digest life easily. But the word "diet" is loaded with negative connotations. It conjures images of self-punishing abstinence, an obsessive focus on every mouthful. So I focus on good eating. We need to eat to survive, but food should also be enjoyable. It is a gift, and we should treat it as such, celebrate and bless it, much as our ancestors might have done when they caught prey or had a successful harvest. The taste, texture and smell of fresh fruit and vegetables, tender meats and rich spices are delights to enjoy. Mealtimes are special, and I treat the process of cooking, sharing an eating food as a life-affirming ritual."

                              Extract from Maya's book "Yoga for Real Life"

Through my travels I have had the pleasure in working with Jeannette Jackson, who is a nutrition and stress expert and specialist in creating energy shifts to bring about supreme health, wellness and vitality. With the focus of Good Eating in mind, Jeannette has helped me devise a Chakra Diet which goes hand in hand with my "Journey through the Chakras" series.

"I really love the nutrition programme: lost a lot of weight, my skin shines like never before and I feel great. In addition throughout the programme I was not hungry and all the meals are really tasty!"

                              Petra, August 2010

14 day Kundalini Nutrition Programme

Kundalini Nutrition is a 14 day nutritional cleansing programme designed to purify and illuminate the chakra energy centres. It supports the practice of Kundalini Yoga by enhancing the natural resonance of the whole energy system by feeding the body, mind and spirit whole natural foods full of colour and vibration to help align and open up the body to receive prana life force energy. As there are 7 chakra energy centres within the body the Kundalini Nutrition Programme dedicates 2 days to each centre, incorporating delicious foods which feeds into the sensory pleasure centres in the brain allowing for mental and physical wellness and integration.
Kundalini Nutrition will help you to:
  • Awaken your natural vitality and energy
  • Boost your immunity and lymphatic system
  • Become mentally and physically strong
  • Reduce the risk of disease and ill health
  • Empower and heal yourself through food
  • Enjoy deep relaxing sleep & wake refreshed
  • Improve cognition, concentration and memory
  • Improve circulation and reduce cravings
This programme will take your connection with your body to a deeper level. It will allow you to regulate your hormones and enable you to "listen" to your body and respond to its wants and needs more intuitively. It is designed with busy people in mind and therefore requires a minimum level of cooking and it includes delicious soups which you can make in bulk.

Over time many of us have gotten used to eating until the plate is empty rather than when we are satiated and thus eat way too much and feel sluggish and tired. The Kundalini Cleansing Nutrition Programme may contain less food than you are used to but because these foods are whole natural foods you will start to look and feel amazing from day one.
Please note: The Kundalini Nutrition Programme is sent via email in PDF format

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